"Off to London"

Phew – on holiday! Going to stay with my Mum in London, which will be the first time A. and B. have seen her since Easter, I think. My sister and neice are also popping over, so that’ll be lovely. The downside is that we need to pack, and try and think of everything Ben will need. He’s asleep at the mo, so we’re just putting our feet up, but I guess when we wakes up we’ll start loading up the car in preparation of a good start in the morning. We’re planning to watch Lost tonight, and then have […]


Ooops – apologies for that double-posting; guess my blogging method is not foolproof after all! 🙂

"More music from Terry"

I think that Terry Wogan has a lot to answer for; he keeps bringing music to my attention that I really like, and so I end up visiting iTunes. Doesn’t help my saving up for a new phone. The latest is Juliet Turner, an Irish singer-songwriter responsible for the most catchy Dr Fell and Burn Your Black Suit (which is also the title of her second album). One of the unusual thing about her music is that she has a really strong irish accent, and it seems to be fairly rare to hear strong accents in songs these days.. I […]


Wandered up to the Orange shop in the Student Union to try and get some hands-on experience of the phones I’m considering. They had the Moto V3 and the K750i.. the latter was just the same as my k700 in terms of weight and size.. The V3 didn’t really grab me. I think it was just a bit too wide – not really entirely confortable in my hand. It also didn’t look as sleek as I was expecting it to. So the z520 is definitly top of the charts at the moment, although nowhere really has it in stock yet. […]

"Other phone options"

If I was to stay with Sony Ericsson, then I think the z520 is the clear winner. It’s so small and neat – the smallest footprint of any phone that satisfies my requirements – and I like the idea of those flashing side-lights.. The K750 is like twice the price, and I think my current mode of phone usage is “throw it in a pocket”, which is obviously more friendly towards clamshells. And, let’s face it – how long would it be before it developed the same joystick problem? However a bit of web research has unveiled another possibility, in […]

"How toys change…"

Wait a few months, any my theoretical toy priorities change completely. Am probably not going to bother upgrading my GPS, or indeed purchase the Akai footpedal. I’m even leaning away from a PSP! Why the changes? Well, toy budget is a finite resource, and the spending thereof must be carefully weighed up. Also, my k700i (which is quite possibly the best phone I’ve ever owned) is starting to misbehave, so I’m wondering what to do about this. I’ve narrowed my options down to three… Straight replace with it a new k700i. Cost: About 100 quid. Upgrade to the k750i. Cost: […]

"Strawberry ‘trifle’"

1 packet ratafia 500g Marscapone 1 tablespoon milk 85g caster sugar 1 punnet strawberries Rum Slice the Strawberries and sprinkle over the rum. Put some ratafia in the bottom of a trfle dish, and cover with a layer of Strawbs Loosen the marscapone with the milk. Reserve some strawberries for a top layer, and mix the rest, together with the sugar with the marscapone. Pile the strawberry/marscapone mixture into the trifle dish. Finish off with a layer of strawbs and ratafia. Refrigerate until wanted (probably for at least an hour) Would also work with sponge fingers.


Inevitably lots of things broke in the upgrade. The only two I’ve noticed so far were MySQL, which broke because it didn’t replace the config file, and PHP which broke because it did! Actually not really fair to say PHP broke; rather parts of my website broke because of the default memory limit on PHP programs. Still, fixed now. Was a little disheartening actually – I burnt the FC4 DVD, and upgraded, then ran a yum update and it had to download 1.4Gb of updates! I’d only downloaded the image a couple of weeks ago. Ah well. Still fighting my […]

"If it’s not one thing…"

Went to the doctor and got antibiotics, which have actually cleared up my chest really quickly; I’m hardly coughing at all now! Just don’t ask about my stomach… Speaking of stomachs, I find myself at home this fine autumnal morning, as young man threw up last night! Nursery had warned off a stomach bug going around, but we can’t really work out if that’s his problem.. So, he goes to nursery Thurs afternoons, which means he would have had to catch and succumb to it in about 6 hours, which is pretty speedy. Or he might have caught in on […]

"Chesty Cough"

Came down with the the lurgy over the weekend; some form of chest infection, most likely a virus. Although I don’t feel too bad in myself (even made it into work today), I’ve got a nasty cough and am completely bunged up, and generally feel spaced out. 🙁 It’s actually the nights that are the worse times, as my nose and cough keep me awake even though I’m really tired. It’s very disheartening lying awake in bed, checking your watch and finding that – yes- another 5 minutes have passed since last time you looked. Still, I’m definitely getting better […]

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