So I’m hopefully having a day trip to Bristol early next year, and assuming I want to be there from 11 until 4, my options are:

Methods and costs of travelling from Harrogate to Bristol
Method Journey time
(each way)
Leave/Return Approx Cost
Drive Around 4 hours Leave: 07.00

Back: 20.00

Train 4 Hrs 40mins Leave: 05.45

Back: 22.00

Train 2 Overnight stay Leave: 17.00 day before

Back: 21.43

Fly 1hr 10 mins Leave: 06.45

Back: 20.30


The timings column is the timing of the major transport leg, and the clock times are the times I physically exit/enter our house. The costs are guesses, including any extra bus fares, taxes, parking, ….

I know that the environmental damage that flying causes – but honestly it has almost every other criteria in it’s favour. I think even driving would work out more expensive if you factor in road-tax and wear and tear, and that’s before considering that I would be depriving the family of a car for the day.

.. I also love flying. 🙂

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