Should probably explain Friday’s entry. 🙂

A. was out at a party with a whole bunch of church friends, and the Mick in question asked her what I was up to – would I be sitting in front of the computer? She said I would be, but that I would doing some work (which was true), and Mick didn’t believe her…

He then went on to generally assert that I spend a lot of time on the computer, which isn’t true either; although if I ever get an evening to myself, it’s another matter. He asked what I could possibly be doing, and A replied that one of things I do is my webpage.

Mick expressed surprise and disbelief that I have a web-page (let alone a blog), so A. gave him the address…

I don’t actually know if he has looked here – he didn’t mention anything when I saw him last night. I suppose I could check the weblogs, but life just seems a bit short, somehow. I guess this is the advantage of a blog that handles comments! Not about to do that though.

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