Well, it’s that time of year. Actually not all my whirls have been social – I spent a good part of this week in Edinburgh with work, although that did involve two rather nice evenings out. I had hoped to catch GoF, but the timings at the cinema didn’t really fall that way.

So last night was dinner with friends. Tonight is the better half’s work meal. Monday is house group Christmas social. Tuesday is my work Christmas lunch!! I don’t know if I’ll want to ever see another glass of mulled wine and/or mice pie again. Actually, that’s not true, because I like both those things a lot.

Anyway, cake icing day tomorrow. The mazipan went on last week, so it’s had a week to dry out properly (otherwise the colour can come through the icing), and now it’s time to ice. Not going to do anything fancy this year – not least of which because I forgot to buy any food colouring. D’Oh! Still, I might put a snowman on top, or something.