"Oh, the waiting!"

I’m expecting an important phone call in the next 24 hours or so, but I don’t know exactly when it’s going to come. I’d forgotten what the anticipation of waiting for a phone call is like – I remember when A. and I were courting, and for about half an hour before the time we agreed to talk I’d be pacing up and down, making sure the phone was still working, all those sorts of things. You have that sort of nagging sensation at the back of your mind that it might have rung while you were upstairs, or had […]


One of those online quizzes has been doing the rounds at work – the ones with numbers and letters where each letter stands for a word, so you have 24 H in a D = 24 Hours in a Day Well, you get the picture. Anyway, there’s two parts to the quiz; the first part is easier, but has a North American bias, while the second part is a lot harder, but this time just has a Western bias. Anyway, we have finished both now – bit of a joint effort and some recourse to Wikipedia needed at the very […]

"Food and the Church of England"

I’ve been spending the last few days with some other church-y folk, and one of the things that we generally agreed upon was how important food is in the C of E. I have always found that eating together is one of the best ways to relax together and get to know people, and it’s an important scriptural principle – we see it in the Old Testament, the practice of Jesus and the disciples, and of course in our central act of worship. Certainly one of my golden rules is that if you’re holding a meeting of any significant length, […]

"The Village"

What a fab movie – M. Night Shyamalan right back on form! I really enjoyed The Sixth Sense (and no, I didn’t see it coming). Unbreakable I could take or leave, certainly an interesting concept. Signs left me pretty cold. The Village is another matter altogether, and I loved it! The film is set in the 1850s, and follows the fortune of a group of people living in a village surrounded by woodland. In the woodlands dwell “Those We Don’t Speak Of” – creatures with whom the villagers have an uneasy truce. The villagers don’t go into the woods, the […]

"Shake me up Judy"

I’m very upset that so few people appeared to have watched Bleak House. Apart from being Dickens on the BBC (which makes it worth watching before considering anything else), it was actually really good. Star studded cast, great acting and directing (although I’m not at all sure about the whoosy cuts at the change of scenes). But by far the best bit, in my opinion, was the horribly odious and despicable Smallweed (played to perfection by Phil Davis), who was confined to a chair on poles by some infirmity, and besides from moaning about his bones would perioidically shout “Shake […]


Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse, was a book I was really looking forward to reading. I was hooked by The Davinci Code (even if it annoyed me by being utter drival from a factual point of view), and was under the impression Labyrinth was going to be even better. In this regard I have to confess I was a little disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong – I enoyed reading it, and the missus will testify that I had my nose stuck deep into it. But somehow the language wasn’t as engaging, I found it quite confusing and hard to follow […]

Got next week off. I do enjoy my work, but I also really like having time off. As it is I’m away for the the first few days, in Stoke of all places, but am looking forward to just kicking back on Thursday and Friday. The theoretical plan is that I start work on the study, which is in need of some attention. We think we will be able to re-decorate and make it presentable without having to move everything out, which would obviously be a bonus. There’s not too much to do – there is an old gas flue […]

"Donnie Darko"

It’s not very often that I am utterly bemused by a film, but I got to the end of Donnie Darko and said WHAT??!!??!!. Moving away from the plot for just a minute; the acting, casting, and directing are spot on. I was drawn in from the opening scene, and was completely absorbed throughout. The lead actor (Jake Gyllenhaal) was fabulous – reason enough to give Jarhead a shot if nothing else. H’mm – no pun intended there. Anyway, the film follows Donnie, who is a kid with mental health problems, and spends most of the film in a medication-induced […]

"It’s tragic, really"

Coffee room today, something describes a programming language as “loopy”. “Ah-ha” think the ensemble group of computing freaks… Descriptions of programming laguages: Loopy Classy Conditional Functional Routine Pointed Pragmatic MainStream (I know, I know) Prototype Typecast Argumentative Variable Defined These are chiefly the product of Chris and my deranged imaginations.

"Tripods ahoy"

Late last year my tripod gave up the ghost (just as I needed to take a photo with it, of course), so the GPS receiver has been shunted back another few months to fund its replacement. I’ve had a number of tripods over the years, all of which have been (a) cheap, and (b) less than a wild success, as they’ve been too big/heavy to take anyway, and too flimsy to last. So I decided this time to spend a bit more and get a tripod that should last for the rest of my photgraphic career. Although the lovely Carbon […]

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