Got next week off. I do enjoy my work, but I also really like having time off. As it is I’m away for the the first few days, in Stoke of all places, but am looking forward to just kicking back on Thursday and Friday.

The theoretical plan is that I start work on the study, which is in need of some attention. We think we will be able to re-decorate and make it presentable without having to move everything out, which would obviously be a bonus. There’s not too much to do – there is an old gas flue to fill in, but otherwise it’s mainly a case of painting. The heart-sink part is that I don’t think we can realistically avoid taking the shelves off the wall, which in itself isn’t a problem, except that they are all covered in books. Sigh.

Actually I’m not particularly expecting to get any painting done – I’ll be happy if the room is prepped for painting, and then we can slap it on over a couple of weekends.