"Blind Ambition"

The other thing I was thinking about on the train were my ambitions in life. My three ‘wish-list’ ambitions are to write a book, make a movie, and create a computer game. Now it could be argued that I’ve already done all three. My PhD thesis is basically a book – in Germany you have to register an ISBN and publish your thesis! I guess I’m thinking more along the times of (a) a novel, and (b) something that might actually get read. In terms of a film, last Christmas I made a “Ben’s first year” DVD, which I’m actually […]

"If I had a little money…"

Sometimes I daydream on the train what I would do if I won the lottery. Actually I don’t play the lottery, so I probably have to give it back – but if ERNIE came up say. Obviously some would go off to needy causes and family, and equally obviously mortgage would be paid off – but after that? I don’t think I’d give up work, although I suppose I might give up paid work. No, I don’t know actually, maybe I’d drop to part-time. Anyway, I was turning my thoughts to what I might spend cash on if money was […]

"Kung Fu Hustle"

Clearly going through a bit of a martial arts phase at the moment – what with Hero last week, Kung Fu Hustle today, and Flying Daggers on the way too! Still, gotta love them. So Kung Fu Hustle… bit of an odd film, to be honest. A strange combination of cartoon violence and real blood, although very much at the cartoon end of the spectrum. Definitely corners on rails as far as the plot goes, but then I guess this film was never really going to be about the story. A good friend saw it first, and was mildly disappointed […]


In the funny way the web works, I recently ended up looking at a site all about how to make the best coffee. In fact here it is: the coffee FAQ. The upshot seems to be that you need to grind your own beans, but what’s more those beans need to have been acquired within the last few days. This is totally unfeasible for our level of coffee drinking – it can takes us a couple of months to get through a bag of pre-ground! One idea from this site (that does sound a bit wacky) is to roast your […]

"Books books books"

I’m a great fan of Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness, etc), and tend to snap up his new novels pretty quickly – like Monster for example. Anyway, he’s got this new series going called The Veritas Project (nothing to do with Killroy-Silk!!). The basic is that there is a family of undercover agents who are hired by the US government to look into strange goings on, particularly if there’s a spiritual dimension. The first one was Hangman’s Curse, and I’ve just finished Nightmare Academy. I really enjoyed both, and feel like I’m getting to know the family, if that makes […]

"New Year"

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to make sure the missus and I both get some “time out” in the week, when we can just do our own thing. Her’s is to go swimming, mine is to watch movies!! So I’ve signed up to easyCinema DVD rental, and the first disk arrived yesterday, happily co-inciding with a day off (Hero was the first disk – see the review in the reviews section). The only depressing thing – there’s about 60 films I’ve missed that I want to see. It’ll take me forever!


Well, what a surprising film, at least in terms of story. I won’t go into too much detail, as I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say it’s not very Hollywood. Very Crouching Tiger in feel – sweeping scenery, sword fights that are closer to ballet, beautifully filmed and choreographed… very much a visual delight. The story is told as narrative by the nameless hero of the film, who has defeated China’s three greatest assassins, and is now standing before the King of Qin. Hugely impressive set pieces – the palace and steps are fabulous. The thousands upon […]

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