Hurrary – another Ronseal film!

I was surprised by absolutely nothing in this film – it’s like the Da Vinci Code without the intelligence, and I loved every minute. The whole film worked on the premise that if it kept things happening quickly enough, you wouldn’t actually notice the extremely flimsy house of cards keeping the whole thing afloat.

I could spend the next 3 pages pointing out all the ridiculous holes, flaws, and shortcomings – but what’s the point? This was always going to be a no-brainer action film with major suspension of disbelief required – and, to be honest, it was a riot! Sort of a cross between the aforementioned Da Vinci Code and The Goonies.

Diane Kruger (as the love interest Dr Chase) was a new face for me – and possibly one to watch – but the cast was pretty solid. Nic Cage as the goodie, Sean Bean as the baddie, Jon Voight and Christopher Plummer in solid suppporting roles. I kept thinking that Justin Bartha was in fact Dominic Monaghan (aka Charlie in Lost, aka Merry the hobbit), but otherwise the casting was without distraction.

A good Friday night beer and curry film!