To be honest, not all that. I’d be the first to concede this might be in part due to the watching conditions, which weren’t very good – but I failed to be absorbed. It’s hard to put my finger on why. So much of the book had been left out or changed (which I suppose was inevitable) – having read the book was pretty much a pre-requisite for understanding anything of what was happening. Several major characters essentially reduced to bit-parts (Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid, Malfoy), and very confusing messages about various ‘ships. The books, I think, suggest Ron and […]

"Of Sound Judgement"

Sometimes it is the differences between people that are more interesting then what they’ve got in common. For instance, when I listen to music, I like to be utterly absorbed in it. I love turning it up to maximum so I can’t even hear myself singing along, and just rocking. I don’t do this most of the because (a) it’s usually antisocial, and (b) it damages my hearing. I remember when I was involved in student radio, which was ideal because you got shut in a soundproof box with broadcast quality equipment and monitors that went really loud. You had […]


I’m a huge one for organisation, particularly when it comes to filing. I like my in-tray to be empty, and my inbox on the computer to be empty. Of course, this is not always possible, but I like to only have items in my intray/box that I need to process in some way – otherwise it belongs in another folder. People actually seem cleanly divided in this at work; they either have less than a dozen e-mails in their inbox, or several hundreds or even thousands. My filing strategy is really so I can quickly find things, for example all […]

"No limit for better"

There was an interview with Harrison Ford in the Metro this week, and one thing really jumped out at me. In response to the question “You also have a reputation for being a perfectionist. Is that justified?“, he replied: I’d say so. I used to have this old Russian lady architect who built one of my houses. I came in one day after everything had been planned down to the gnat’s ass and said: ‘I’m sorry, but last night I had this idea and I want to do this.’ She said [does Russian accent]: ‘No limit for better.’ That’s what […]

"Funday Sunday"

Tomorrow is a bit mad for me – I’m speaking at the 9am service, then (probably) doing the creche at the 10.45am, and then (probably) drumming at the 7pm. It’s difficult to think of three more varied activities within a worship service! The speaking has needed several hours preparation, much thought, research, etc. On the day it’ll be over in about 10 or 15 minutes. The creche needs zero preparation, involves very little overtly spiritual activity, and takes slightly less long than the time of the service. The drumming means turning up an hour early for rehersal, staying a bit […]

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