"Funday Sunday"

Tomorrow is a bit mad for me – I’m speaking at the 9am service, then (probably) doing the creche at the 10.45am, and then (probably) drumming at the 7pm. It’s difficult to think of three more varied activities within a worship service!

The speaking has needed several hours preparation, much thought, research, etc. On the day it’ll be over in about 10 or 15 minutes. The creche needs zero preparation, involves very little overtly spiritual activity, and takes slightly less long than the time of the service. The drumming means turning up an hour early for rehersal, staying a bit at the end to pack away, and a significant portion of the service helping people worship!

I know there is plenty of opportunity for spiritual activity during the creche (and the Sunday Club at our church – which is for kids 3 and over – is very good) – and there’s a case for saying the provision of the creche is enabling the carers to take part in the service – and I think the long term plan is to try and bring a bit more structure into the creche. But as it stands it’s a really a baby-sitting facility for the duration of the service.

Although I wouldn’t be happy doing this much every week (at least until it’s my job!), it is healthy for Christians, and especially Christian leaders, to be involved in a variety of expressions of ministry, some (most?) of which are very practical and “behind the scenes”.

That said, I’m only doing the creche because I’m standing in for A. who’s still a bit poorly. 🙂

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