"No limit for better"

There was an interview with Harrison Ford in the Metro this week, and one thing really jumped out at me. In response to the question “You also have a reputation for being a perfectionist. Is that justified?“, he replied:

I’d say so. I used to have this old Russian lady architect who built one of my houses. I came in one day after everything had been planned down to the gnat’s ass and said: ‘I’m sorry, but last night I had this idea and I want to do this.’ She said [does Russian accent]: ‘No limit for better.’ That’s what I think is important: keep working on it, keep pushing to do the best you can.

Isn’t that a wonderful phrase – no limit for better (I think it probably does have to be in a Russian accent for full impact!) Apart from being a commendable (and very Christian) attitude, it’s so pithy but forward looking. I had a friend when I worked in London who used to respond “Praise the Lord” to whatever life threw at her, good or bad, and somehow it’s a similar thing.

I think I shall try and say it at least once this week at work. 🙂

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