"How’s -trix"

I don’t think the suffix -trix is used enough these days. It is apparently the feminine version or -tor, thus wherever you could have a (male) -tor, you would have a female -trix. The only two uses that seem to be current are dominatrix and testatrix, but I don’t know why we should stop there. Oh yes, and T3 gave us the terminatrix I suppose. Actrix has a certain ring to it – and the Queen becomes protectrix of our land. A newspaper could have an editrix. If heroes have mentors, why shouldn’t a heroines have a mentrix? Is a […]

"Blue Cow"

Sorry about all the parenting entries, but I’ve been meaning to say this one for a while! 🙂 One of the thing Ben really likes watching is Storymakers on CBeebies. The basic premise is that when the library closes for the night, these two creatures and a literary magician appear to make stories using all our imagination and their special storymaker computer. Hang on – there’s bound to be a website… yup, Storymakers on the BBC website. The target audience is broadly pre-school – other programs are Bob the Builder, Teletubbies, Balamory, Tweenies, and so on. Anyway, there are various […]


I think my little boy had his first nightmare last night – well his first conscious one anyway. He woke up around 5am in floods of tears saying I don’t like Honk Honk Honk, which would have been quite funny, except that he was so upset. The honk honk honk thing might be one or two things – he sometimes rides around on his hobby horse saying honk, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. I usually point out horses say neigh rather than honk, and sometimes his sound changes to neigh, sometimes it doesn’t. This doesn’t really fit with not […]

"The book meme"

Go on then – been tagged by watchandweigh who I once shared an office with.. Here goes for my first ever meme… One book that changed your life? The Marriage Book by Nicky and Sila Lee. The affianced and I worked through Nicky and Sila’s course for our marriage prep, and it made us discuss with and deal with a whole lot of issues that would probably have otherwise caused all sorts of marital strife in the early years. It really is scary how much you assume about yourself and the person you’re about to marry! One book you have […]

"GPS and mazes"

Well, surprise surprise, the accuracy of (native) GPS is not really enough to be useful in a maze, at least not the sort of maze where it’s relatively easy to keep your bearings. The screen resolution also becomes a factor.. if you keep the scale large enough to be able to see paths, then not enough of the maze fits on the screen to actually be useful. Still, it was fun. I had hoped that at the end I’d at least have a GPS version of the maze – but of course the receiver only stores the track of where […]

"The Miracles of Jesus"

Just watched the Miracles of Jesus (part 1), a BBC documentary on, well, the miracles of Jesus. Rageh Omaar presents this overview that’s principally concerned with what the miracles meant, rather than if they happened or not. I have to say I actually enjoyed it, although the programme was about twice the length it needed to be – I got the distinct impression they spent a lot of money filming Rageh smooching around Israel (and environs) looking reflective, and even more generating the clips of Jesus doing the miracles, so they were going to give them both as much air-time […]

"GPS and PHP"

It shows how exciting life has been recently that I’ve made no mention of my new GPS. The Garmin lost out to a Magellan at the last minute… the eXplorist 210 to be exact. The extra memory nailed it for me (22Mb vs 8), and easy USB connectivity. After all the comments from friends about how rubbish built-in basemaps are, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how good/useful it seems to be. It seems to have most A-roads, train stations, and bus stations, rivers, railway lines, and so on. We’re going to the York Maize Maze this week, so I’m going […]

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