"Comme une Image"

Comme Une Image (altogether unsatisfactorily ‘translated’ to Look at me) follows the life and times of Lolita, her family, and random other people along the way. It’s a study of hero-worship really, and how people’s attitudes and attention vary enormously based on whether or not they are considering their hero. Young Lolita lives under her father’s shadow – is absolutely convinced she’s overweight and ugly, and further convinced that people are only interested in her in order to get to her father (who’s a very famous – and rich – author and publisher). The film follows various people as their […]

"Intros and Outros"

Listening to Paradise City has got me thinking about intros to songs. I would probably back off a bit from saying Paradise City is one of favourite song intros, as there’s so many good song intros – but it’s definitely an intro I really like to a song I don’t particularly like. It seems to me that it’s actually very easy to make a good intro – most songs seem to manage it. Whether it’s a long building up/layering approach, which quite a lot of songs do (Layla, Justified and Ancient, Nirvana of course do it) a jump straight in […]

"C++ Objects"

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I just made a discovery about C++ classes that I probably should have realised years ago. If you have something like class A { public: virtual void fn() { cout << “I’m A” << endl;} ; } ; class B : public A { public: void fn() { cout << “I’m B” << endl ;} ; } ; void callfn(A a){ a.fn() ; } it doesn’t do what I expected at all… For instance, consider the code A a; B b; callfn(a) ; callfn (b) ; This compiles just fine – but the output […]

"Paradise City"

Spooky thing – Guns’n’Roses’s Paradise City is quite possibly one of my favourite introductions of all times. I’m not actually wild about the song as a whole, but the first 80 seconds, until the thrashy overdriven bit starts, just hit the spot everytime. Ok, I’m a huge fan of “layering” in almost any song – by which I mean building up layers of music/instrumentation/harmony a bar or stanza at a time. (I guess Kirsty McColl’s Days struck me the other day as the example par excellence of layering up an entire song). Still, I love the the sort of clean […]


On the way into work yesterday I saw a Scottish lorry with the logo Thistle Removals emblazoned across the side… … I wondered if they also took out splinters?

"Birthday Girl"

What an unexpected delight. Failing to read the cover properly, and assuming that because it had Nicole Kidman in it was going to be another Holywood number (itself a strange assumption given the awesome Dogville), I was amazed when it opened with John (Ben Chaplin) recording his pitch for a Russian bride in St Albans on his webcam – in a clearly low budget exercise. I supposed the involvement of FilmFour should have given this away, but the real surprise was that it was hilarious, low budget, but also very gripping. There wasn’t any doubt from the start that this […]

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