"What’s wrong with Bond"

What’s gone wrong with James Bond? Firstly let me make it clear I’m not a James Bond purist. I have never read a novel by Ian Flemming, and I fully appreciate that Casino Royale is probably the closest Bond has ever been to Flemming’s character. I guess second place goes to Timothy Dalton in something like “Licence to Kill”, but – let’s face it – he pretty much sucked as James Bond. What is Bond about? He’s the real-man super hero! The man all men wish they were, and all women wish they could be with. He can drink, smoke, […]

"V for Vendetta"

Hooray, another film for the “loved” pile. What a fantastic piece of work. Rave rave! The story follows Evie (an awesome Natalie Portman), an ordinary-ish girl who gets caught up with a modern day Guy Fawkes (the ‘V’ of the title). You know I don’t even know where to start describing it. The film opens with a split-screen of Evie and V getting ready to go out – Evie putting on makeup, V putting on his mask and cloak. Did I mention the mask? By modern day Guy Fawkes, I meant someone who dresses up as him, wears a Guy […]

"Casio Royale"

Well. I don’t want to write another downer review, but I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed with Casino Royale. Actually I was a lot disappointed. The opening sequence (before the titles) is normally one of the highs of the film, but this was a bit of a damp squid. I plan to write a fuller blog on why I think James Bond has gone all wrong, but suffice to say a flashback sequence of him making his first two kills in order to gain ’00’ status didn’t interest me. In fact, I can’t even remember exactly […]


Seems to me that it’s a very good idea to sort out photo albums in a timely fashion. The two main reasons for this are: You can remember the who/where/when of the photos. You don’t post-select the photos based on experiences since then. For instance, a few years ago I went to a wedding and took lots of piccies on my digital camera. I’m finally getting around to printing out the photos from the computer to go in albums – but sadly in the meantime said couple have split up. This makes for a difficult dilemma… Do I put in […]

"Ghost World"

What an interesting and compelling film this was – absolutely hilarious most of the way through, but a very downbeat last 20 minutes or so, and ends really on a bit of a downer. The story follows Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) as two social outcasts who have just graduated from high school, and am trying to make their way in the big bad world. Actually it’s mainly Enid’s story, and to be brutal I found Rebecca to be fairly weak. I haven’t yet decided if Scarlett Johansson really is as gorgeous as everyone seems to think she […]


I know I’m a bit late in writing about this – been too busy. So anyway, Sassam Hussein has been given the death penalty in Iraq. No surprise there – the opposite would have been a surprise. But the reactions are still interesting; lots of pictures of people on the streets on Iraq celebrating, for example. I had it find to see that a death sentence is ever something to celebrate. It’s not a victory. It doesn’t do anything to right the wrongs that were done. It’s not even a particularly good form of revenge, if you’re going to be […]

"American Beauty"

After three reviews on the trot that were – franky – downers, finally a film to get excited out! American Beauty was fab. It gripped me from the opening sequence through to the end credits. It set up a fantastic tension in the opening voice-over that was resolved in the final 5 minutes, but kept me guessing how it was going to resolve the whole way through the film. It was a film of suprises – as often as not scenes ended up taking a radically different route from the one I was expecting. The characters were also full of […]


Extremely disappointed in this film. It had everything going for it – vampires vs. werewolves in a guns’n’bombs age (great concept), Kate Beckinsale in black leather (for those who like that sort of thing), gothic mansions, an at least half-intelligent story, … So what went wrong? Well, nothing in the film was probably explained – the soundtrack was so poorly mixed if it was loud enough to hear the dialog it was deafening with the guns (and there were a lot of guns!), everything was shot in dark/grainy/gritty low contrast mode, which meant you couldn’t really see what was happening, […]


I was hugely looking forward to Serenity, and this probably resulted in my mild disappointment in the film. I guess I really should have watched Firefly first to clue me in, but I didn’t so there we go. There was nothing really wrong with it – in fact there was an awful lot right with it, and I have to say I was hooked the whole way through (and ended up watching the end half of an episode I came across on Sky One). In general I liked the characters, and the plot was fine – in fact it had […]

"Broken Flowers"

This is another of these trendy films in the vein of Lost in Translation, where not very much happens, no real reason is given for the whole film, and nothing is resolved at the end. It’s not a style of film-making I’m particularly fond of, although I did quite enjoy both Lost and this one. I think the closest film to this genre that manages to pull it off (outside French cinema) is Sideways. Anyway, the film is about Bill Murray as Don, a retired, wealthy bachelor who is semi-dumped by his girlfriend as the film opens. As she leaves, […]

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