I’ve started a more structured weight loss program now, partly as an offset against Christmas, which is usually a weight-gain time! Actually no, it’s not just for Christmas; I’m trying to reverse the steady increase of the last 5 years!

The particular spur this time is that I went to buy trousers, and my waist size was 4″ bigger than the last time I bought trousers. I refused to buy them on principle (I’m such a woman!!), but it did feel like a line had been crossed. The other line that was crossed is that we bought some funky new scales that calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), and mine was 25.3, which means I’m clinically overweight (the boundary being 25). Of course having an exact figure for overweightness is a nonsense, and I’m not worried from a medical point of view, but I don’t like being/feeling flabby.

So my weight then was 80.1kg (although this was with clothes, to be fair) – last night’s score was 77.9kg (without clothes), which probably means I’ve managed to shed 1 kg or so in a week or two, which is probably a bit too fast, actually…

My diet is simply cutting out snacks between meals – my weight shot up when I started my new job, mainly because there’s a constant supply of biscuits by the kettle, and a chocolate shop across the road. I walk (fast – enough to build up a sweat a bit) for over an hour a day in total, and might even re-instigate press-ups and crunches if I get really excited.

My theory of dieting is very simple – eat too much and you’ll put on weight, eat less and you’ll lose it. I’ve got an active enough life-style to cover the exercise part I reckon, and cutting out the biscuits has already turned gradual weight gain into gradual weight loss. We’ll see.