"Freaky Friday"

After a pretty slow start, I actually ended up really enjoying this film. The basic premise is that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are mother and daughter, who magically swap bodies on the eve of the mother’s wedding (following the death of the husband/father 3 years previously). That said this is firmly aimed at the young teen market, and has it’s humour and tone pitched accordingly. Nothing too heavy here, everyone!

It must be said that Jamie Lee absolutely blew the socks of LiLo in terms of acting, although I guess it’s an easier ask for a 40/50 year old to believably act like a teenager than the other way round.

All the usual stuff about the importance of seeing the other person’s point of view and listening to one another was there – possibly laid on a little bit thick. On balane I enjoyed it though. The whole step-dad thing wasn’t done brilliantly – his character seem to drastically change in the last 5 minutes in a way that reeked of deus ex-machina, but that might just be me.

High point of the film was definitely when LiLo came home after getting 2 detentions to disover her bedroom door had been removed. “Privacy is a priviledge, not a right” says her mum. 🙂

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