You hardly ever see hitch-hickers these days, do you? I remember about 15 or 20 years ago, it seemed you could never drive down a motorway slip road without seeing a chap with his thumb sticking out… But now I can’t remember the last time I saw someone trying to hitch a ride. Until just now, that is. Leeds RAG is apparently doing a sponsored hitch to Hull, so the roads around the University are a-wash with students holding out cardboard signs saying “HULL” and generally cluttering up the roads. I don’t know why hitching is out of vogue. Maybe […]

"It’s your turn"

Just made a scary discovery – I first signed up to It’s Your Turn nearly six years ago! Since then I have lost 62% of the games of Chess I have played on the site, and most of those to my friend penguin. Ho hum – but then it’s the taking part that counts! If anyone fancies beating me at chess, send an invite – I’m “jhandley” over there. Probably best to set a 30 day limit for moves.

"Thank goodness"

Thank goodness – the end of 2006. What a horrid year. Here’s to 2007!

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