I’ve just discovered Facebook. I’d heard about it quite a lot – conversations on the train, articles in the press, stuff on various websites – but couldn’t really be bothered with Yet Another Social Network Website. I’d given MySpace a good stab, but after 6 months or so I still only had one friend, and that was only because I organised the friend invite thing via e-mail. I also don’t really like the feel of MySpace – probably a sign of my age, but I find it really hard to (a) find anyone, and (b) read anything about anyone once I’d found them.

Cue facebook.

I’ve been on for exactly one week, and I have 29 friends already – 12 or so are old contacts from London, mainly ex workmates or friends from church, some of which I’ve kept in touch with… others I hadn’t had any contact with for 5 years or more! The rest are all contacts from up here in Leeds; mainly my old job in Computing at the university, but some from Harrogate. Actually that’s not true – there are one or two fairly random contacts!

It’s really nice having a connection with those guys again. Just finding out where they are, what they’re up to; that kind of thing.

Whoops – up to 30 in the time it’s taken to write this! I love it! 🙂

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