"Smoking CSS"

Right, should now work in everything, to a greater or lesser degree. I, for one, am really looking forward to the smoking ban that’s coming in at the start of July. While I don’t hold anything against smokers personally, I am fed up of getting home with hair and clothes that stink of smoke. Actually, the main reason for this post is that I’ve just discovered how to do these funky curves in CSS, and wanted to show this off! 🙂

"Dial up"

Friends on Facebook will already know my broadband suffered an outage on Saturday. Well, actually it’s still out. The set-top box stopped responding at 06.50 on Saturday morning, and the usual prodding didn’t bring it back to life, so I did what any computing professional would do in this scenario – unplugged it from the mains, and plugged it back in. Unfortunately, it didn’t actually work – instead of springing back into life, it sat there looking at me with all it’s LEDs and bar segments on. 88:88 is not what you really want to be seeing on your STB. […]

"Guitar addiction"

It’s coming back. I never used to be able to see a guitar anywhere without starting to get itchy fingers – wanna play it, wanna play it!! I don’t know at what point it went away, but some point over the last 5 years my desire to play the guitar has waned. To be sure when someone like KT Tunstall came along I had a minor relapse, but not the same craving I used to have. I think it was probably to do with having a baby, because (a) that left me too tired to do anything sensible, and (b) […]

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