"It’s all over"

That’s it. The end of the Harry Potter series. Just finished Deathly Hallows. Now I know whether Snape was Ever-So-Evil, or double-agent extraordinaire. I know whether Harry, Hermione, and Ron survive. Come to that I know whether ‘ol Voldy makes it, or is beaten. It’s probably no spoiler to say that at least one of these four names is no more by the end of the book. I also know who (else) dies along the way. And it would be brutally unfair to say anymore, especially as there’s no clue in the title of this post. Suffice to say I […]

I thought I’d share my extemporaneous sing-along from this evening’s bath: … with Captain Jack… ‘cos Captain Jack… keeps coming back … with Dr Who… ‘cos Dr Who… got other things to do … in a small blue box… ‘cos a small blue box.. can’t work the locks The first one is definitely the best. Still working on one for Rose Tyler and/or Martha Jones. And I don’t know the name of Kylie’s character yet.

"Doctor Who"

Wow – what a finish! I am seriously in awe of Russell T Davies and the writers of Dr Who. To have planted so much so early on (like at the start of the new Series 1). Makes me wonder what other unresolved bits and pieces are waiting to pounce on us. And The Face of Bo. What can I say? I defy anyone to have seen that coming (although, in retrospect, I kinda think I could have). In that way, it’s a bit like Harry Potter. All the clues are there, and it’s kinda obvious after the event… but […]

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