"Doctor Who"

Wow – what a finish! I am seriously in awe of Russell T Davies and the writers of Dr Who. To have planted so much so early on (like at the start of the new Series 1). Makes me wonder what other unresolved bits and pieces are waiting to pounce on us.

And The Face of Bo. What can I say? I defy anyone to have seen that coming (although, in retrospect, I kinda think I could have). In that way, it’s a bit like Harry Potter. All the clues are there, and it’s kinda obvious after the event… but before hand, even though you know it’s coming, you still can’t spot it.

Was it planned from the start? It feels like it. But to put all that planning in without being certain anything more than series 1 would be filmed. Wow. It was clear (to me) that the You are not alone thing was about The Master – just had to be.

They still manage to catch me off guard too – who’d have thought Martha Jones would be (partly) bowing out and we’d get someone new? I knew she would be in the next series, so I didn’t pay it another thought, but now she’s off to Torchwood. Crazy (to quote King Louie).

The only downer is that my next fix isn’t until the Christmas special. That and the fact I only managed to watch up to episode 9 or so of Torchwood before it disappeared off the “TV on demand” thing. BBC iPlayer, don’t let us down!!!