"Quote from a young man."

I dug out one of the DVDs I made of my boy from 3 years ago, when he was coming up to 1. He loves watching himself on TV, so we all settled down to watch…

TV shows toddler banging a fridge magnet on the washing machine.

You used to spend hours banging away like that – do you remember?


TV shows toddler attempting to walk.

Do you remember when you couldn’t walk?


TV shows toddler sitting in high chair being fed carefully and lovingly prepared beef stew, processed to be suitable for young person who still needs spoon-feeding…

Do you remember when you couldn’t feed yourself?


Well – do you remember that high-chair?

YES – it’s in the loft now!

That’s right.

Short pause, while we watch the meal being consumed.

I ate dog-food all the time.

I will leave his mother’s response to this comment to your imagination!! 🙂

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