I really should implement comments. 🙂

Anyway, some early responses from friends. I’ve edited for brevity/anonynmity as I haven’t asked them if they mind!!

H says:

  • Life on Mars = yes


  • The West Wing
  • 6 Feet Under

Both remarkable pieces of programming. I am currently on series 2 of

6 Feet Under and series 3 of West Wing, and they’re gripping, still.

The DVD box set thing is just the job for telly IMO – I can’t get organised to watch things at a particular time, but having a few box sets on the go is fine.

I probably would have put West Wing on my ‘possible’ list, but I’ve never seen an episode. Similarly 6 Feet Under caught my eye, but I haven’t quite manage to catch it yet.

When I commuted to Leeds every day, one of my co-passengers had a video iPod type whatsit, and he was making his way through Enterprise, squeezing in about an episode and a half each day. He’d done the full West Wing as I recall, and spoke very highly of it. If I was still having 70 minutes on the train each day, I would be very tempted to adopt a similar approach.

With some further reflection I might add

  • Tru Calling

although I’m unconvinced this would survive more than one or two watches. I also wonder if Ghost Whisperer might be worth investigating?

Anyway, back to my friends; C tells me I’m very wrong about Lost. Over to them:

Personally, now I’m part way through [Lost] Series 4 (of the total 6) I’m really looking forward to rewatching from the start to see how much they’d tied together from the

very start. It feels really joined up at the minute, with things from the

first few episodes onwards still being explained.

Others you’re missing are definitely Murder One, at least the first couple

of series of 24. X-files is one I’m not sure I’d want to watch

back-to-back, but wouldn’t want it lost. Buffy is a definite yes.

Murder One is not even on my radar – not sure I’ve ever heard of it! Although I never got into X-files, I would probably agree it should be saved for posterity. 24? Series 1 was very good, it’s true – but even that ended up being a bit too much like hard work for my liking (so much so I didn’t even start any of the later ones). I can’t see that I’d particularly look to watch it again.

Utterly unrelated, I wonder if Red Dwarf deserves an honourable mention?