"Songs and people"

I’ve been thinking about the associations I make between songs and people. Typically it goes from a song to a person – i.e. I hear a song and immediately a person comes to mind. I don’t mean the singer/band member (except for one or two cases), just ‘ordinary’ friends of mine. The reason it’s interesting is because I don’t know that I really make any other association with people so consistently (except for the obvious ones of name and where they live, or places I’ve been on holiday with people). I don’t associate different drinks or food or smells or […]

"The Box"

Came across this interesting experiment on the beeb website: BBC News embarks on a unique project telling the story of international trade by tracking a shipping container around the world for a year. The Box It caught my eye for all sorts of reasons: I was at college with Declan, who is fronting it (or at least, did the first bit – dunno if he’s doing all of the reports?) It’s a really nice use of current technology. Live tracking is “in” at the moment, and it’s nice to see it being given a showcase. The whole concept is just […]

"Funny talk"

My son and heir is often coming out with very funny things. The ones he doesn’t intend are generally more amusing: God knows everything.… Just like Funky Monkey (Funky Monkey is a glove puppet, by the way). On another occasion, the three of us are snuggling up in bed on a Saturday morning, in companionable silence. Then Mummy, I’ve got something to ask you Mummy turns over to look at Ben: Yes? Actually, I’ve got something to tell you, and then something to ask you. Ok Mummy, the thing I’ve got to tell you is that your nose is in […]


I went karting on Friday, for a colleague’s leaving do. I have been before – once – at a Butlin’s or something, but to be honest that was a bit noddy. The carts where single engined, and the track was indoor, but what fun! It was absolutely fantastic, and I loved it. I wasn’t particularly fast (over a second off the pace of the quickest in our group), and I was very aware of one corner in particular where I could have gone faster, but couldn’t work out how – and instead got it wrong almost every lap. It’s actually […]

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