"The Box"

Came across this interesting experiment on the beeb website:

BBC News embarks on a unique project telling the story of international trade by tracking a shipping container around the world for a year. The Box

It caught my eye for all sorts of reasons:

  1. I was at college with Declan, who is fronting it (or at least, did the first bit – dunno if he’s doing all of the reports?)
  2. It’s a really nice use of current technology. Live tracking is “in” at the moment, and it’s nice to see it being given a showcase.
  3. The whole concept is just cool. Let’s stick a GPS device on a shipping container, and see where it goes. It’s like the guy who did the (self claimed) Biggest drawing in the world (with the help of GPS and DHL)
  4. The name (and, sadly, this only just struck me). Watch The Box on The Box. 🙂
  5. They’ve put together a live mashup so you can see exactly where it is all the time (pirates taking note? Avast me hearties!)

Good job – I shall look forward to tracking The Box!

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