"TV Series pt II"

I really should implement comments. 🙂 Anyway, some early responses from friends. I’ve edited for brevity/anonynmity as I haven’t asked them if they mind!! H says: Life on Mars = yes also The West Wing 6 Feet Under Both remarkable pieces of programming. I am currently on series 2 of 6 Feet Under and series 3 of West Wing, and they’re gripping, still. The DVD box set thing is just the job for telly IMO – I can’t get organised to watch things at a particular time, but having a few box sets on the go is fine. I probably […]

"TV Series"

A month or two ago I happened across the last ever episode of Friends being re-broadcast on some channel or other. Actually I only caught the last 5 minutes – and it’s not an episode I’ve seen in it’s entirety. All very emotional. Anyway, voice over lady announces at the end that we needn’t be sad, because, starting the next evening, the whole lot would be shown again from the very first episode! OO-oo thought I. How exciting – I could watch every single Friends episode, in order! Then reality hit – quite aside from the practicalities, do I really […]

"Ethical Superstore"

Just a quick note – I’ve recently discovered The Ethical Superstore (http://www.ethicalsuperstore.com/), who have supplied all my Easter Eggs this year. What an efficient organization – ordered the items, paid no more than I would have done at the supermarket (except for the postage, of course), and they arrived the next day! They offer bulk discounts too. I’d already decided that I am going to have a Fairtrade Easter this year, but it’s not always easy to track down Fairtrade items. But this site has a really good range of ethical goods (by which they mean “eco”, organic, and/or fairtrade) […]

"These Lenten Lands"

I almost had my poorest Lent performance ever last night (Ash Wednesday). We were having slightly-late pancakes, and one of the youth had brought Nutella (YUM!!), so I carefully covered my pancake with Nutella and squirty cream, rolled it up, and was about to tuck in when I remembered that chocolate is my Lent this year. I’m not desperately good at Lent, but 19 hours would be a new all-time low for failure time. To be fair, when I break my Lent it’s usually because I forget, rather than a deliberate choice, but still… One year I gave up tea […]

"Furry Animals"

My new place of work is very close to the Yorkshire Showground (most famous for the Great Yorkshire Show), so I sometimes notice interesting sounding events being advertised as I cycle past. One such event was the Bradford Small Animal Show (“With approximately 3000 Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice and Rats attending the show over the two days, the Bradford Excel Small Animal Show really is the Crufts of the Small Animal world, and you can’t afford to miss this spectacular gathering!” – from the website, which I guess will disappear soon.). Having a 4 year old son, and […]

"2007. Been there, done that."

Well, I’m not at all sorry 2007 is over. An almost infinite improvement on 2006, but still a way to go… I spent the entire working in a job that is, without a shadow of doubt, the worst I have ever had. To be fair, this is as much a reflection on all my previous jobs (I’ve never previously left a job out of discontentment) as it is on this job. The irony is that, as a job, it was actually quite good. Reasonable pay, interesting work, essentially got on well with colleagues (and very well with one of them). […]

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