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I am firm believer in God (obviously!). I am also a firm believer that He is interventional, and takes a daily and individual interest in us (supremely shown through Jesus of course). On the back of those beliefs, I further believe that God moves in ‘waves’. Almost like 90% of the time we just have […]

Mon Nov 30 2009

Well, I’ve taken the plunge and added the facility to comment on this ‘ere blog. To be honest I’m not sure how robust it is. Although I have written a “mathma” that asks you to solve simple arithmetic to prove that you’re not a robot, which was fun. I don’t yet have a nice webby […]

Fri Nov 06 2009

There’s a part of me that wishes I was a teenager now, in the age of Facebook. And there’s a part of me that’s glad I’m not. When I was a young lad, I used to fall in love at the drop of a hat, and be utterly and totally besotted with various young ladies […]

Wed Oct 07 2009

Had out first visit of the Tooth Fairy on Monday night. The boy’s first tooth came out, and that most magical of creatures visited and placed a coin under his pillow while he slept. It got me thinking about pocket money. I remember one talk I heard by John Wimber when he was talking about […]

I’ve been chatting with friends recently about job satisfaction, and it’s actually quite hard to put my finger on what it is. Several people love their jobs, others are sick to the back teeth. It’s easy enough to identify highs and lows of any given job (and every job has both). It’s also easy enough […]

About this time last year, I finally called time on the inkjet printing thing, and moved solely to laser. To be exact the Samsung ML-1440, which has done us proud for it’s 8,850 pages. In fact, if it were possible to get parts for it still, I probably wouldn’t have changed it.. But change it […]

Derren Brown’s latest stunt (where he ‘predicted’ the lottery numbers) has been the cause of masses of discussions at work about how he did it. There are plenty of theories about how he did it – so here’s my analysis. First of all, what do we know? He turned around a plastic podium containing 6 […]

Sun Sep 13 2009

Eight years ago I was at a BMVC conference in Manchester for the week. I had been browsing an art gallery(!), and wandered out and switched on my phone. Text message from my supervisor, saying he was in the Wetherspoons Pub. This in itself was a bit weird, as he would never normally willingly enter […]

Tue Jul 28 2009

I’m working on a little theory about why we watch television, or rather what we watch what we watch. This comes from two observations – firstly the popularity of soaps, which I completely fail to grasp, and secondly the shows that my 5-year old likes to watch. I should add that I’m excluding programmes that […]

I had some creme fraiche and maple syrup cobbling around the fridge, so I decided to do an ice-cream experiment. I thought that something else in the mix would be nice, so I experimented with various combinations, and settled on added chopped up walnuts. My approach was simplicity itself. I’ve guessed the quantities, as I […]