Sigh – just broke the blogging part of my website, which means the long and elegant prose which I spent the last hour composing is now lost forever.

I think it’s fixed, but I can’t really muster the enthusiasm to write it all in again, especially as I’ve got just about enough time to watch Shooting Stars before my boy gets back from his haircut if I’m quick.

I suppose 2008 was an eventful year by any normal measure – we both started new jobs, and my boy started going to school. These are major life events, it’s true. However, I get semi-superstitious about leap years, as the last 4 have all contained some sort of major rite of passage for me (turning 18, graduation, getting married, PhD, losing a parent, having a child), so for 2008 to not have one of these is almost disappointing. I know a new job is a big thing, and I certainly spent the better part of the year settling into it – but on the other hand I’m probably on my 7th or 8th job, and with over 30 years to go until I retire the odds are that I won’t still be in this job then (it could happen, just not as likely these days). Starting school is a rite of passage, and we’re now obviously tied to school holidays, but it’s not quite the same, somehow.

No, it’s been more of a ‘bedding-in’ year really. My job has a strong emphasis on self-awareness and improvement, so it’s fun and interesting to develop my understanding of myself, and how I work with others (I can’t really believe it’s almost a year, as its just flown past.) At home, we’ve also been working through all the stuff that’s been going on, and getting back onto an even keel really. Life is in danger of feeling ‘normal’ again, and it’s actually very nice.

We had a lovely holiday in Northumberland, which I now see I never actually did finish blogging about. The usual family jaunts to London, Norfolk, and Cornwall (including visiting the aquarium in Plymouth, which was cool). I finished my first Wii gane (Super Paper Mario), and have a keen interest in obtaining Tomb Raider, Lego Star Wars/Batman/Raiders, and Wii Fit. The wife won’t let me extend the mortgage to this end though, so I’ll just have to keep dropping hints. 🙂