Let’s face it, I’m unlikely to finishing tweeting the stag do, and seeing as it’s the wedding tomorrow, I’m just going to go for it here instead. That said, I am going to post the tweets I did make, and I’ll see what’s left to say at the end! Off to a stag do in Brighton this w/e. My first ‘real’ stag, even though hes actually penguin. (I concede my own was too dorksome to count).Wed Mar 11 2009 22:00:15 Also – made a serious tactical error re stag do. Given up snacks for Lent, but have 2×6 hr train […]


Chrysalis (Faith in an Emerging Culture), by Alan Jamieson, is a book that’s hard to fit into an exact category. The back of the book proclaims: Have you ever felt that the very things that once inspired and nurtured your faith now seem lifeless and perhaps even frustrating? I guess it says something about my journey over the last few years that such a book appealed. 🙂 Anyway, it’s essentially a book about change. About drastic, radical, all consuming change that leaves some without any faith, and some with a far deeper, more complex, and real faith. Other authors refer […]

"Jesus wants to save Christians"

Rob Bell is rapidly becoming one my heroes. The nooma DVDs are an inspiring breath of fresh air, and the books of his I’ve read – Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith (on Amazon) and this one ( Jesus Wants to Save Christians (on Amazon)) have been excellent. He has studied the 1st Century Jewish culture extensively, and brings alive the teachings of Jesus in an amazing way. I find that a lot of what he says just Makes Sense, and he avoids the “theological fancy footwork” that some people seem to employ to make parts of the bible say […]

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