"More Facebook vs. Twitter"

I have a convert! Ali has come around to my way of thinking about twitter!:) curates-egg.blogspot.com/2009/05/unavoidable-blockage. Just as long as I haven’t made him twice a son of hell as I am!! … and I really should get around to implementing comments on here. If it wasn’t for spammers and hackers it’d be up and running already. Sigh.

"Music, music, music"

Just got home from a fab evening with John Barrowman. Ok, so that might be slightly misleading. It wasn’t just me and John. Actually, I had to share him with several hundred other people. He did wave at me though. In fact, he was doing one night only at the Harrogate International Centre, which seemed like a perfect opportunity to tick off three boxes on my “things I must do” list: (1) see a 2,000 year old time-traveller/immortal from the 51st century, (2) go to the International Centre, and (3) go out to a show. So far everyone I’ve mentioned […]


Well, completed the upgrade to FC9. Wasn’t that painful actually – but I can now run Firefox 3, Adobe Air, and all that malarkey. The painful bits were shifting from IMAPD to Dovecot (had to translate all my mail from MBX to mbox format – thank you “mailutils”), and I haven’t got to grips with SELinux at all. In fact I’ve turned it off – it was stopping MySQl, spamassassin, an Apache from working, because I had all the relevant files hanging around from the last install, hence the file contexts are all wrong. The correct thing to do would […]

"The Joy of Twitter"

After a friend blogged about not liking Twitter so much, I thought I’d blog why I do! I think that starting from (say) Facebook is the wrong place to understand Twitter. For me, Twitter is not really social networking, but more like a blog, so starting from blogspot is probably closer to the mark. In fact, Twitter is a bit like a blog and RSS feed rolled up into one, with guaranteed easy (and quick) to digest morsels. I accept that that this in itself raising questions about meaningful relationships, soundbites, and attention spans, but perhaps I’ll cover that another […]

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