Very simple and fun game. You need a couple of balloons, and one chair per player.

Split the players into two teams, and set up two rows of chairs – facing one another – so that chairs are about 1m apart. Get the players to sit in the chairs so that the two teams are facing each other.

The aim of the game is to try and to hit the balloon over the opposing team’s heads, so that it lands on the floor behind them. Players must remain fully seated in the chairs with both feet on the ground (and all 4 chair legs on the ground) at all times.

Start off with one balloon – The referee stands at one end of the rows, and throws it into the air between the two chairs. Each time a balloon hits the floor behind a team, it is one point. The referee then picks it up, and throws it between the chairs again from the end of the row. As the game progresses, feel free to introduce more balloons into the mix.

Standing up, tilting the chair, or kicking the balloon is an automatic penalty, with a point awarded to the other team.

The team with the most points at the end wins!