"Watching TV"

I’m working on a little theory about why we watch television, or rather what we watch what we watch. This comes from two observations – firstly the popularity of soaps, which I completely fail to grasp, and secondly the shows that my 5-year old likes to watch. I should add that I’m excluding programmes that are principally about disseminating information, such as the news, or documentaries. In other words, we’re talking about entertainment! I might need to exclude ‘direct’ comedy too. Here’s my theory; we enjoy watching shows that we (secretly) wish we were in. It’s like a whole vicarious […]

"Walnut & Maple Ice-cream"

I had some crème fraîche and maple syrup cobbling around the fridge, so I decided to do an ice-cream experiment. I thought that something else in the mix would be nice, so I experimented with various combinations, and settled on added chopped up walnuts. My approach was simplicity itself. I’ve guessed the quanitities, as I didn’t bother measuring them. Ingredients (makes about 500 ml ice cream) ~300 ml crème fraîche ~100 ml milk 50-100g sugar 4 tbsp maple syrup 75g-100g chopped walnuts Method If using a ice-cream maker, do the freezy bowl thing plenty in advance. Put the crème fraîche […]

"More on Leadership"

Couple of quotes from yesterday that caught my eye. Of poor leaders they say We did it despite them Of good leaders they say We did it with them.” Of great leaders they say We did it ourselves. And (at the risk of doing a Bernie), the difference between charismatic and inspirational leaders: They say after an audience with Hilter, you came out saying He can do anything. They say after an audience with Churchill, you can out saying I can do anything. The point of both is that you seldom hear of truly great and inspirational leaders, because what […]

"Growing Leaders"

I spent today in Leeds, at a Growing Leaders training day (“training the trainers”), and I’m really excited. I’ve been reading the book of the course, and there’s a lot of it that excites me because of what I believe to be my overall calling in life, but also that resonates with stuff that I think God has specifically been saying to me over the last few years. Two of the verses in the bible that excite me the most are Ephesians 4:11-13 (NKJV) And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and […]

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