For the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been on a half-hearted weight loss programme.

My nominal target is 70kg, which is the weight I was when I got married, but since 2002 (when I started keeping track) it has dithered around the 80kg mark. For my height, a healthy range is 63.4kg – 78.9kg, so I’ve been technically overweight.

Anyway in the last few months it’s suddenly taken hold, and I seem to be shedding pounds.

This morning’s score was 76kg, which is the lowest it’s been since I started records (the highest being 82.5, not far off January’s 81). The previous low was 77, back in May 2005 – interestingly at the same time of year.

I think starting climbing again regularly has been the spur. I’m aware of how much extra weight I’m having to haul around, compared with when I was climbing regularly 16 years ago. Of course, climbing itself is not an insigificant expenditure of energy, and once a week is probably enough to have an impact. Finally, I’ve stopped having milk in coffee (initially for Lent, but now I’m just in the habit) – which doesn’t feel like it should make a difference, but maybe does?

To be honest I’m not really trying. I’m generally avoiding snacks, trying to control portion size, and having puddings infrequently – but more as a general approach to healthy eating, rather than dieting particularly. I also don’t really have a target at which point I’m going to change my eating habits.. although I suppose I may relax the rules a little?

Incidentally my records are rubbish. I have data on average once every 6 weeks, but frequently with gaps of a year or more. 🙂