"A New Phone"

Very excited – new phone in the post. SHould be here Weds. I have to say that ever since I strayed from the One True Way (Sony Ericsson) I’ve been a bit disappointed with my phones. I got a Samsung P300 (weird calculator phone) several years ago, which was very cool in terms of size, battery life, and features – but a pig to use because the UI was horrendous. Right up the day I retired it, I often pressed the wrong button in response to a UI prompt. I then jumped ship to 3 (largely because of free ‘unlimited’ […]

"Women Bishops"

Oh dear. The Church does get itself in a stew, doesn’t it? I’ll be honest – I struggled with the ordination of women. My understanding of the Bible was that women should not be in a position of leadership over men. However having met women who seem genuinely called and gifted for the Ministry, and who are annointed leaders, plus a re-examining of the scripture, I have to say I’ve changed my tune. I believe it is quite possible to make a coherent case for not ordaining women. It’s also possible to make a coherent case for ordaining women, and […]

"Bass Breaks"

When I was on a stag weekend last year, conversation turned to music (as so often it does), and for some reason we started talking about bass breaks. A bass break is where all the other instruments stop for a bit while the bass does it’s funky stuff. For some reason this discussion really captured my imagination, and I have been pondering it ever since. Of course, as soon as I think of a song I forget it again – so here’s my attempt to draw up a list. I imagine this will be a kind of rolling edit job. […]

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