When I was on a stag weekend last year, conversation turned to music (as so often it does), and for some reason we started talking about bass breaks.

A bass break is where all the other instruments stop for a bit while the bass does it’s funky stuff.

For some reason this discussion really captured my imagination, and I have been pondering it ever since. Of course, as soon as I think of a song I forget it again – so here’s my attempt to draw up a list. I imagine this will be a kind of rolling edit job.

Oh yes, and the domain is pop songs (i.e. songs which have been in the charts).

  • Call me Al – Paul Simon
  • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  • Breakthru – Queen [Thanks to Steve]

And my close, but no cigar list

  • Higher and higher – Jackie Wilson (starts with just the bass – doesn’t count as a break)
  • I’m a believer – Monkees (does have a funky bass bit, but the percussion is still going)

Oh dear, 2 songs. That’s rubbish. I know I’ve thought of about 5 more, but they escape me.

First edit already. On the way to work I’m sure there’s tracks by these guys which I can’t quite remember: Queen, Beach Boys, Blondie.