"7 Link Challenge"

Thanks to The Church Mouse, I’ve come across 7 link challenge – and it seemed fun. My first post: Untitled Rather a poor show – Also decided to keep a mini-diary. At that stage it was almost like Twitter, with very short “newsy” type items. Due to a strange quirk, it was post #99 in the pre-Wordpress database! A post I enjoyed writing the most: Probably Music, music, music My review of an evening with John Barrowman. Fab evening, and really enjoyed writing it up. A post which had a great discussion: How to win the lottery Technically not a […]

"Climbing a WHAT?"

Had a trip to casualty on Friday evening. Nothing serious – I was having a session at the Harrogate Climbing Centre (which, incidentally, I can’t rate highly enough) on Thursday, when I fell off the bouldering wall awkwardly and landed on my ankle. Hobbled home (well, cycled actually) – pretty painful but that’s how it goes. Anyway by Friday it had swollen to twice it’s usual size, was a horrendous purple, and was very tender to the tough. The good Mrs H. said I needed to take it casualty for an X-ray to make sure nothing was broken. At this […]

"Thoughts on a W995"

Well, had my new phone for nearly a month now (if you squint a bit). I’m definitely getting old, because there great swathes of it I haven’t really touched yet. I usually explore every nook and cranny of a phone the day I get it, but somehow I’ve had other things to do. This is also unusual in that it’s only a “partial” upgrade – but which I mean I fully intend to jump to a full smartphone when my contract is up, and finally retire my Palm. This in turn has reduced by excitement for setting it up just […]

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