"Thoughts on a W995"

Well, had my new phone for nearly a month now (if you squint a bit).

I’m definitely getting old, because there great swathes of it I haven’t really touched yet. I usually explore every nook and cranny of a phone the day I get it, but somehow I’ve had other things to do.

This is also unusual in that it’s only a “partial” upgrade – but which I mean I fully intend to jump to a full smartphone when my contract is up, and finally retire my Palm. This in turn has reduced by excitement for setting it up just so…

So I’m not going to do a review (plenty of those on the web). In summary I like it. There are aspects of the INQ I miss, but I wouldn’t go back.

In detail then, what I like:

  • It’s fast. Almost no “hanging around” waiting for it to do stuff.
  • The built in GPS is fab, especially the integration with Google Maps.
  • Built in WiFi – great stuff.
  • Good 3G reception.
  • Built in FM radio has been on my wish list for ages.
  • MP3 player is lovely – just the way it should be (but no surprise there, as it’s a Walkman phone)
  • 3.5mm jack for my nice Shure headphones
  • Battery life isn’t bad. Certainly it’s a few days between charges.

Things I don’t like…

  • It’s really awkward getting to apps. It takes about 6 clicks to launch Snaptu, and no way I can see of short-cutting.
  • The GPS only shows WGS84. I might have to write a UK National Grid app.
  • The built in Facebook client is a bit pants.
  • The camera seems very awkward. Haven’t assessed picture quality yet, but I needed to read the manual to work our what was going on with the camera bit.
  • The vibration is poor. I often don’t notice text messages arriving if it’s in my pocket on silent. This is almost a deal breaker, actually…