"Remember ‘member ‘member…."

One of the aspects of being a Christian that I find tricky is remembering it. I don’t mean in the big sense, but in the everyday hustle and bustle of working life. I sometimes find that I’ve gone the whole day without any particular reference to God. Other days I’m very “tuned in”, and keep firing up short little arrow prayers, and know just the right things to say, and can feel like I’m spending time with Him even in the midst of debugging code. Why does it matter if you remember God or not? I guess there’s a couple […]

"Cleaning a 300D Focusing Screen"

I’m definitely getting braver in my old age. Today I took calculated risks with two fairly precious items – my watch, and my Canon EOS 300D. The second is the point of this post, but the first is worth a quick mention. My watch ‘glass’ (don’t know what it actually is) was fairly scratched – not the extent of rendering it unusable, but enough to be a pain when reading the time. I discovered on t’internet that Brasso (!) can be used to remove small scratches on watch glass – and it works! Thanks to Steve Waddington for giving me […]

"Twitter goes OAuth"

Twitter has now turned off Basic Authentication, so apps have to use OAuth. In case you missed it, I have a page which says how to a PHP twibot using OAuth, and I’m grateful to Shadowfax for highlighting some of changes he had to make to get it work in CentOS. Enjoy!

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