"The Eleventh Doctor"

I’m really enjoying the recent revival of the Doctor Who series. David Tenant was, IMO, the best Doctor by a country mile, and several of his episodes instantly stood out as classics. Admittedly I only came on board with the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, who is my second fave). One of the things that stood out for me with the Ninth and Tenth Doctor was the quality of the writing and acting. Stephen Moffat episodes in particular stand out (The Empty Child / Doctor Dances, Girl in the fireplace, and the frankly matchless Blink), so I was quite excited when […]


Just come across an interesting website – graze.com Upshot is you get healthy nibbles (fruit, nuts, seeds, etc) delivered to your desk. It looks fantastic! I’ve been provided with a “first box free” voucher, so I’m giving it a whirl – looking forward to Friday.

"Weight and see"

For the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been on a half-hearted weight loss programme. My nominal target is 70kg, which is the weight I was when I got married, but since 2002 (when I started keeping track) it has dithered around the 80kg mark. For my height, a healthy range is 63.4kg – 78.9kg, so I’ve been technically overweight. Anyway in the last few months it’s suddenly taken hold, and I seem to be shedding pounds. This morning’s score was 76kg, which is the lowest it’s been since I started records (the highest being 82.5, not far off January’s […]

"Nothing to say"

I haven’t really got anything to say, but it’s something like 6 weeks since I last posted anything up, which feels like a bit of a poor show. I guess the exciting topic around at the moment is British politics. Extraordinary (and very encouraging IMO) developments in the political world. I have to say I was disheartended by the Tory majority. I am a significant distance away from Conservative policies, and I thought another Tory government would be disasterous for the country as a whole. At present, I’m eating my words. I’m stunned that David Cameron has so effectively and […]

"GPS Streets"

With the announcement that Ordnance Survey have released OS Open Data (basically, most of their map data for free (as in speech and beer), I decided to see if I could supercharge my Magellan Explorist 210 with street level mapping. Turns out to be non-trivial, especially on 64 bit Windows 7! That said, I have managed it, and what I had to do was as follows: Obtain MobileMapper Office. You can download v3.40 from ftp.promagellangps.com, or version 2.70 if you search the net hard enough. The chief difference is apparently that 3.40 requires the GPS device to be plugged in. […]

"A Twibot"

I’ve finally got to grips with Twitter and OAuth, and made myself an updated twibot. It’s actually not that hard – read all about it at weatherbot.php

"Lent On"

Ash Wednesday rolls around once more. I’m sure it’s quicker each year! Each Lent I try and be a bit creative about giving something up. Without intending to be pompous, I think that self-denial is an important discipline, and Lent gives us a little opportunity each year to practise. I generally fail miserably in my Lenten disciplines, but usually because I forget I’m not meant to be eating chocolate (or whatever), rather than lack of willpower per se. This year my wife challenged me to give up “escapism”. Interesting idea, but for me not really specific enough. What would this […]


Every New Year I try and do a little blog post about the year that’s past, and sometimes look forward to the one to come. This year has been interesting precisely because it has been almost entirely boring! No (family) births, deaths, or marriages (although Penguin’s wedding almost counts). No job or career changes. No moving (or plans to move). In fact, no major projects at all. It has been a challenging year from a work perspective – what with the credit crunch, and A.’s work relocating to a new building. But in terms of Big Life picture nothing really […]

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