"Resolutions and Targets"

I’ve not made any New Year’s resolutions this year, as such – instead I’ve decided to make a set of targets I am going to (try to) meet in 2011. I’ve also decided to record them here, so in 11 months time I can measure against how I’ve done! These ‘targets’ are actually the minimum I hope to achieve. So, in no particular order.. Go climbing 20 times. Write 50 blog entries. Deliver the Growing Leaders course. Go the cinema twice. Obtain and maintain a weight in the range 68-72 kg. Submit a photo either for publication or to a […]

"Write On…"

One of my more serious ambitions in life is to write a book. Well, specifically to write a novel, as one could argue a thesis counts as a book (certainly 3 years and 150 pages gotta count for something!) They say that everyone has at least one novel in them, and I’d like to let mine out. I obviously enjoy writing, ‘cos I keep a ‘blog (after a fashion). My mother-in-law very kindly gave my an Amazon voucher for Christmas – so I took the plunge and got myself a book on writing a book. Specifically How to Write Your […]


I am fortunate enough to own a laptop. I inherited it from a friend many moons ago, who was more or less chucking it out. The screen is HUGE. The keyboard is full size. The battery life is 0 (have to run it off the mains), and the processor is a 600MHz 486 (!!!). I must confess that it’s spent a large portion of my ownership of it sitting in it’s bag. However, I’ve finally managed to find a wireless Access Point that works properly, and lets me WiFi from anywhere in the house, so I dug it out again. […]

"Growing Leaders"

I’m very excited, because we just started running the “Growing Leaders” course at Church. We were going to start it at the end of last year, but the arrival of a baby in the Handley household rather put those plans on ice! As it is, I feel on the back foot a bit.. The first session (on Saturday) was great. We spent the day in Ripon, thinking about what leadership is, what Christian leadership is, and about styles of leadership. “Leadership” is one of the those words which carries a whole lot of baggage, and one of the big tasks […]

"2010 – it’s all over."

Well, I’ve just realised I haven’t done my 2010 review. At the start of the year I thought 2010 was going to be almost entirely boring – like 2009. Well, I was certainly wrong about that. Way over and above anything else, as I wrote it the wheels were in motion for the arrival of number 2 son (not that we knew that at the time). But we also went to 2 major birthday parties (a 70th and a 90th), and my sister-in-law got married. Throw a tenth wedding anniversary in the mix, and all in all you’ve got a […]

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