"Making a meal of it"

As previously mentioned, one of my targets for 2011 is to cook something I’ve never cooked before. Actually the scope of this challenge is growing a little as I’ve come across a few dishes I like the look of. I fairly quickly settled on a pud. I love cooking and eating puds (cakes, buns, etc), and find them far more satisfying then mains. My first thought was a crème brûlée, from scratch. This is not least because it’s my other half’s fave pud, but also because one of the restaurants in town do a funky crème brûlée dish that involves […]

"What’s in a name?"

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a radio presenter. I used to rock out to “Radio James” in my bedroom. I had 2 turntables (which I wired up for remote start), mic, mixing desk, and some jingles recorded off Capital Radio. Actually I probably shouldn’t admit to recording jingles off the air… I think I’ll risk it this once. For one reason or another, I essentially gave up radio and the media when I graduated – I decided to go out and get a real job instead. After all, why would I want to spend all day […]

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