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"The Wisdom of Years"

Forgive the pretentious title – it is intended to be ironic, but I’m not sure it comes across. This week saw my 37th birthday, and as I trotted out the old phrase one year older and wiser, I actually stopped and thought about it. Sure, I’m one year older, but am I any wiser? Wisdom is a very slippery fish to catch. The more you think you have of it, the less you probably do. In fact I’d go so far as to say that it’s an attribute that can only be conferred, not assumed. On the other hand, decisions […]

"Making Progress?"

As it’s now March, and my birthday approaches, I thought I’d take stock of where I am on my 2011 targets. This is my 8th ‘blog entry in 8 weeks, so I’m actually on track on that one. No climbing yet (although I’m thinking it’s going to happen soon). Growing Leaders is going really well so far. Had two sessions (“Leadership Matters” and “Establishing Identity”), and the feedback I’ve had has so far been very positive. Best part is how the people on the course are being challenged by the material. It feels like we’ve almost settled down into the […]

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