"Linked in"

Right, have tidied up my ‘Links’ section over there to the left. Now they are all fine and dandy and up to date. I’ve introduced a new “Photography” bit, ‘cos that’s what I’m into most at the mo, and culled some of the old “friends” links, and added some new ones. If I know you and you have a blog, I would love to pop you on my list – drop me a line. I obviously designed that part of the site when I was mad-keen on databases – it used to run from a couple of tables (“categories” and […]

"The eyes have it.,"

Was taking some photos of number 2 son at the weekend. I finally got around to uploading them onto the computer, and realised I need to do a bit of post-processing. While I was sharpening the image, I spotted me taking the photo reflected in his eyes: I’m wearing a red shirt, and you can see me holding the silver camera up to my face!

"Teething problems"

Actually they’re not problems – Mr T. is just cutting his first tooth, and is being a star about the whole affair. He’s been unsettled for the past few nights, and dribbling loads, but we’d just put it down to general baby stuff. He was pretty upset this evening, but I think that was down to his daddy trying to cut his nails when he just wanted milk + bed. His older brother started having teeth at about 6 1/2 months, which makes it pretty much the same time.

"300D Focusing Screen pt II"

As you may recall, towards the back end of last year I had a play around with the focusing screen of my SLR. Specifically I ordered a split image microprism focusing screen as a replacement for what I believed to be a scratched normal screen. 6 months on, and I’ve just switched back to the normal screen (although I may yet go back again). The split image screen in itself is great – far easier to see when the subject is in focus, and generally what’s going on, and, all other things being equal I would run with it everytime. […]

"A different person"

I have been randomly looking back over my blog, and settled on 2004 for no particular reason. It’s like it was written by a different person! I don’t mean in terms of personality, but I talk about doing things I have almost no recollection of. It’s a very strange experience to read a review that you wrote of a book or a film that you can’t remember reading/watching. It’s also interesting to read entries about No. 1 son from that year (his first 12 months), as there is all sorts of bits and pieces I’d plain forgotten, but which are […]

"Wading through treacle"

As promised…

"Weight a mo…"

Another little review of my progress, seeing as we’re now into April. What’s actually spurred this post is that I weighed myself this morning, plus I started climbing again this week, AND I’m about to cook a new dish, so I’m feeling preeety chipper. One humorous moment first. Was cycling home from work in my horrendous luminous yellow jacket, with waterproof trousers and a dodgy helmet. Two teenage girls waiting for some mates on the corner. As I cycle past, one chips in Looking fly. Well, it amused me. Anyway, here’s how I’m doing: Climbing – have started again. I […]

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