"A different person"

I have been randomly looking back over my blog, and settled on 2004 for no particular reason. It’s like it was written by a different person! I don’t mean in terms of personality, but I talk about doing things I have almost no recollection of. It’s a very strange experience to read a review that you wrote of a book or a film that you can’t remember reading/watching.

It’s also interesting to read entries about No. 1 son from that year (his first 12 months), as there is all sorts of bits and pieces I’d plain forgotten, but which are now relevant for No. 2 son.

For instance, we were sure that B. had never rolled onto his front in the night, and woken up stuck, but the record shows otherwise.

So it’s probably worth jotting down some notes about what’s going on with T.

  • He’s essentially sleeping through the night (for a week or two now). Goes in the crib at 6.30pm ish, and doesn’t come out again until about 7am. He’s a noisy herbert, and his favourite trick is to give a couple of squawks – just enough to wake us up – then happily go off again leaving us awake! Grrrrr!! šŸ™‚
  • His second favourite trick is to lift up his legs, and then slam that back onto the mattress with a loud bang.
  • No teeth yet.
  • On solids – mainly baby rice, fruit and veg thus far.
  • Can roll onto his side, and onto his back from his front (if you put his arms in the right place).
  • No words, as such, but plenty of babbling and syllables.

A. and I also made it out for our anniversary meal (albeit a month late) – went to the Boar’s Head in Ripley, happily with a half-price voucher. No. 1 had a sitter, but No 2. came with us and slept in the carseat (or, at least, didn’t complain).

While I’m here (lunchtime nearly over!), films and book catchup:

  • Tangled (cinema)
  • The Queen (DVD)
  • Knight and Day (cinema)
  • One Thousand Chestnut Trees (book)
  • How to train your Dragon 1-9 (books)

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