"Picture this"

Hope I’m not getting boring!! The last 6 posts have been about photography, and this is no exception. I’ll save some bandwidth by not actually including any pictures this time – how about that? Starting week 4 of my 365 (which in itself is a bit scary), and haven’t particularly struggled so far for inspiration or motiviation. In fact, I still have a fairly long list of subjects I want to photograph, and a fairly long list of photographic styles/techniques to try out. To whet the appetite for the next 49 weeks, here are some of the photos I want […]

"365 – A Second Home"

For no particularly good reason, I have decided to mirror my Flickr 365 set on a ‘proper’ 365 site, in this instance: 365project.org I like 365project because it has a calendar view that shows you the picture from each day, and it allows e-mail submission (but haven’t tried that yet!) [Edit – note on flickr anymore. Now hosted on photo.eutony.net]


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working my way through the Practical Photogtaphy’s DSLR Skills Bootcamp. This month is about creative metering and exposure, and the assignment is to take a long exposure shot of a moving car, but panning it so the car is sharp and the background is blurred. So I spent lunchtime today shivering in the wind and the rain beside one of the arterial roads into Harrogate honing my skills. I’m only allowed to choose one as my submission for the bootcamp, and I’m only allowed one for the 365… but I had so much fun I’m […]

"365 – Week 1"

Managed my first week of 365, and have more or less uploaded a photo every day! The only doozy was the “bags 2 school”, which I think I can improve with a bit of cropping – see below. [Edit, now using cropped version!] I’ve also entered a photo competition, but I’m not going to say which one to try and minimise the competition! So anyway, here’s the first week:

"365 – Update"

I’ve add a slightly more convenient ‘in’ to the 365 photos, although it does require Flash. Point a browser at www.eutony.net/365 to see the pics, and that page also has a direct link to the set on Flickr (the less than memorable www.flickr.com/photos/66189293@N00/sets/72157626684135070/). I’ve also added it to the left navigation panel. Aren’t I kind? 🙂 [22/09/11 Edit – As Flickr only allows 200 photos, I’m now hosting them myself! Check out photo.eutony.net/365/.]


I started a “365” project yesterday. The idea is that you take a photo every single day for a year, and at the end of the year you can look back over the year, and have a record of highs and lows, and changes. You also should improve your photography by taking photos every day! The photos can be of anything at all, although some people approach it in a time-lapse fashion, taking the “same” photo ideally at the same time every day for a year (for instance to document the changes in a garden). I’m not going to do […]

"‘Lil Critter"

I’ve been taking some random still life photos this evening, and I couldn’t resist posting this one here. [EDIT: This photo has been lost to the mists of time! It was on flickr, but I can’t find a local copy anymore!!]

Phew, what a week. Absolutely manic at work at the moment (which is a good thing really – better than having no work), and No. 2 son has been an absolute tinker recently. Here’s when he’s woken up and required some intervention (milk/water/change/snuggle): Mon: 04:30 Tue: 02:00 Wed: 02:00 Thu: 06:50 (hooray!) Fri: 00:00 Sat: 06:30 (hooray!) What this doesn’t include is all the times he’s woken us up and not required intervention – for instance at 4.30 this morning, when he woke up, chatted and bashed around in the cot just enough to wake us up, then went back […]

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