I started a “365” project yesterday. The idea is that you take a photo every single day for a year, and at the end of the year you can look back over the year, and have a record of highs and lows, and changes. You also should improve your photography by taking photos every day!
The photos can be of anything at all, although some people approach it in a time-lapse fashion, taking the “same” photo ideally at the same time every day for a year (for instance to document the changes in a garden). I’m not going to do that, because I think it will be more fun and less effort (and hence more likely to succeed) to just snap whatever captures my fancy on a given day.
People on the web seem to suggest that doing a “selfie” (a self portrait) once a month is a good idea, so you capture how you have changed as well. May 9th is a fairly random day to start a new project, but I seem to be particularly enthusiastic about photography at the moment, and wanted to strike while the iron’s hot. Also, the “traditional” start for this sort of thing – 1st Jan – strikes me as a really bad time to start something now, especially a photography project. There’s the whole resolution thing already going on, and you’re in the darkest, coldest, wettest months of the year.
My self-imposed “rules” are (i.e. The criteria I am using to judge whether I managed the project):

  1. It doesn’t matter what equipment is used, but I must compose the shot and fire the shutter.
  2. A “day” runs from midnight-midnight, and the photo must be taken on that day to count.
  3. … That said I am allowed 5 ‘bys’, where I can assign a photo taken another day to a given day, if for some reason I’ve not taken a photo on that day.
  4. The photos will be posted online to photo.eutony.net/365 within 2 weeks of being taken.

I also intended to blog on here once a week or so with the new photos, but I may not manage that. That said, here’s the kick-off photo:
9th May 2011