"A Drop in Time"

I just found out that I won a photo competition! It was a local church who were running it, and I entered the photo below into the water category. It won the category, and was also voted best in show!! Chuffed, to be honest. I think it’s probably the best photo I’ve ever taken (best being a relative term), and I was hoping it would at least place in the category, but taking Best in Show was a real surprise and honour. Can I now describe myself as a prize-winning photographer? 🙂 For anyone who’s interested, it took around an […]

"A Musical Week"

Set myself a mini challenge this week – to take 7 photos on a musical theme. Quite happy with the results, so here they are! I also realised that I’m starting to take photos trying to please the other members of 365project.org, and try to make it into the popular pages / top 20. This was never the point of my project – yes I want to improve my photography, but my aim is to take photos I like, and if other people like them too, that’s a bonus. It’s funny how the act of doing something often changes into […]


Ha – bet the title made you think this was another photography entry! What’s that? It didn’t? Oh well. It’s actually pretty well halfway through the year, so I thought I’d take stock over my resolutions and targets for 2011 (as first covered in this entry). Climbing – absolutely dismal! Haven’t been since April, and it’s now going to be almost impossible to hit 20. Motivation is a weird thing – I love it when I get there, but can’t quite get my butt out of the door! Blogging – on track here! 28/50 (including this one), and only halfway […]

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