I just found out that I won a photo competition!

It was a local church who were running it, and I entered the photo below into the water category. It won the category, and was also voted best in show!! Chuffed, to be honest. I think it’s probably the best photo I’ve ever taken (best being a relative term), and I was hoping it would at least place in the category, but taking Best in Show was a real surprise and honour.

Can I now describe myself as a prize-winning photographer? 🙂

19th June 2001 - "Making a Splash"

For anyone who’s interested, it took around an hour, 300 exposures, and lots of experimentation with lighting, background, and food colouring. The only thing I don’t like about it is the little white spot just to the left of the main “tower” – should have cloned it out.

Camera on tripod, I pre-focussed on where the drop would be, and switched to manual focus. Exposure was also manual (f/4.0 and 1/50s), but almost all the illumination is from the flash firing horizontally from the left of the camera. Slightly cropped to remove some foreground, but otherwise SOOC. My right hand was holding a dropper about one metre above a dinner plate with blue food-coloured water in, left hand fired shutter on the camera.