I’m quite enjoying this season of Torchwood (Miracle Day) – it’s moved a long way from the Alien of the week format. I could do without the sex, which seems to be solely about gratification and not about developing the plot, but otherwise it’s good.

I’ve been mulling over what’s going to happen (I should add that I’m writing this just before Episode 9 airs – Jack’s been mortally wounded with a gunshot and is being driven away by Esther, Gwen has been deported)

So, the pretty definites, I would say:

  • Jack gets immortality back, and death returns to everyone else.
  • Gwen, Rhys and Anwen all make it through.
  • There’s no cross-over with Dr Who (although I wouldn’t completely write off River Song or Martha Jones).
  • Kitzinger is going to come to a sticky end.
  • … as is Danes,
  • … probably Matheson too,
  • … but probably not Esther.
  • At least 1 further character will be introduced to further the plot, then killed off after 1 episode (the assassin, the Colasantos)
  • Aliens are involved.
  • Time travel won’t be involved.

Actually it would seem there are only 2 more episodes, so it’s going to wrap up pretty quickly.

I wonder if Jack will somehow use the null field to restore his immortality? Or he may die, which will reverse everything, including bringing himself back to life.