"I’ve never felt like this before…"

Emotions are lent surprising weight, aren’t they? What we feel at any given point in time we perceive as reality. This is surprising because we know, intellectually, how quickly emotions change, and how we can rapidly switch to an ‘opposite’ emotion as events or facts come to light. I think this is part of the problem when it comes to sin, and particularly sins of (emotional) gratification. Let’s say I have a particular weakness for smarties (work with me here). I eat more of them then I should, and I eat them when I’m feeling down and want to perk […]

"41 Sleeps…"

While I’m not mad about the whole “x sleeps” thing that seems to have taken hold, inevitably at this time of year thoughts turn to Advent and Christmas (and it’s only 36 sleeps to that great celebration). However, I still have 41 days to try and achieve my ambitions for 2011. One is now basically impossible (climbing), others are well and truly in the bag. A few more have a final little sprint.. But enough waffle, here are the scores! Climbing. Failed. 5/20 times this year. Actually quite disappointed by this – I thought this would be year I get […]


Wow – I’m halfway through my 365/6 project. Yesterday was my 183rd photo, dedicated to Space Dog in his capsule: I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure. None of these photos have been a chore. There have been varying degrees of effort put in for sure, and large variation in quality, but I have enjoyed even single one. In fact, I don’t think I’m going to stop on the 8th May 2012!

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